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Optima differentiators

  • NPS over 75%

    For companies that want to offer an unrivalled experience to their customers, Optima is the ideal solution. With a flexible team of trained professionals and advanced technical solutions, we provide you with the extra capacity to take advantage of sales peaks or cost savings during low sales periods without having to affect your own staff. We are the voice of your organisation and ensure that every interaction is not only effective but also enjoyable. Because we hire only the best consultants, we look for excellent communication and negotiation skills that we hone in our specialized in-house training. Unlike the competition, our services are distinguished by our commitment to skilled and empathetic staff, ensuring client satisfaction and consistently achieving an NPS of over 75%.

  • Qualified staff, short implementation time, minimal costs

    For companies looking for cost-effective solutions, Optima is the ideal partner. You can forget the worries of office space, hiring, training and staff turnover or the ability to deploy and scale quickly. You benefit from our investment in the best people, backed by leading-edge technology, right from the start. Unlike other options available, our hybrid resource efficiency approach ensures you get the fairest price.

  • Multi-sector experience for a higher 30% ARPU

    For companies that want to ensure that their projects are run with professionalism and maturity, Optima offers this guarantee. With a dedicated management team with decades of outsourcing experience and deep practical expertise in a variety of fields at your disposal, we guarantee you'll get the results you expect - and deserve, including conversion rates in excess of 60%.

  • Reliable technology for downtime-free projects

    For companies looking for a partner with robust, state-of-the-art HW and SW solutions, Optima is the perfect choice. We rely on our own technology resources and an in-house team of developers and IT Security specialists to keep systems running. By choosing us, you'll benefit from a secure, scalable and high-performing IT ecosystem, eliminating risks that could affect your business. Unlike other available options, outsourcing projects to Optima keeps you up and running 24/7.

  • RPA and AI-based solutions at 70% lower cost

    For companies that want a flexible infrastructure to manage their changing requirements, Optima is the answer. Our solutions allow us to grow your business because we are always up-to-date with new technologies. By working with our team, you benefit from all the technological advantages we have from day one, without having to worry about implementing complicated processes or systems. Unlike other options, working with us allows you to get the benefits of RPA and AI quickly, at up to 70% less cost.


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"We recommend Optima as a serious and prompt partner that gets the job done on time and provides high quality service at competitive prices.

Financial institution

''Solid, reliable partner and expert in their field, Optima has delivered excellent results across all KPIs, high quality, target achievement and all necessary support.''

Telecommunications company

"The results exceeded our expectations and helped us achieve our proposed sales targets."

Financial institution