Optima Social Community Family Passionate Team

We build links, not just business!

We firmly believe that the success of a business is not only measured in numbers and revenue, but also in the genuine connections we build with people.

Internal campaign: ,,A little hope, a chance for life"

"We all want to play an increasingly important role in our community and be able to make a difference in the lives of others. Today, I urge you in the coming period to mobilize and make a difference by donating blood for those in need, who are suffering." -Bogdan Rosu, CEO Optima

United in Diversity


Diversity enriches our lives and gives us new perspectives. It helps us to be more creative, innovative and adaptable to a changing world.


Food Fest Optima" 2023

Following the "Food Fest 2023" event, together we managed to raise a considerable amount of money to support a fellow Optimist who has serious health problems. And in order not to lose the tradition, this year we fulfilled some wishes, written in letters to Santa Claus, sent by 18 children from a school in Costuleni. This year we helped again with sweets, food, clothes and toys!


Planting in Iasi

We care, so we PLANT!
We were more optimistic, more involved! We joined the mission #planteazainromania and with a lot of good will we managed to achieve our goal once again! It was a day spent with love with nature and friends!


Iasi Half Marathon, 2023 - 7th Edition

Our 6 ambassadors ran with heart to give little children a chance at education!


It's easy to do well!

Colleagues from Iasi mobilized and gave smiles to children who needed them! Together we can create a better world!


Eco Day

We gathered our forces and with little by little, we went to work! This time we collected waste to save nature!


Optima supports performance!

Hard work, perseverance, optimism and the confidence that those around you give you can make all the difference in life!
The Eagles basketball team shows us that victory can be achieved even in the last seconds of the game.
Our greatest satisfaction was when we heard the little ones' cries of joy: "Thank you, Optima, for your trust!"


Bake with love"-2022

Dear Santa- Our wish for this Christmas is....HAPPINESS

Christmas is about giving, excitement and hope! We all know that the winter holidays are meant to bring peace and joy to the hearts of all of us, and we thought we'd bring smiles to the faces of some children that life has robbed of happiness.

And 2022 brought joy to our hearts as we shared Christmas smiles!

We helped two families in need by donating goods and the Bake with Love baking event helped us raise the money needed to buy food.

With our team you will always have the satisfaction of doing well! We have had and will have events helping people and the environment, so if you love doing good, we want you to join us!